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Educational Facilities

Sage International School

Boise, Idaho

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Sage International School

Brink/Phinney Hall Window Replacement - University of Idaho

Moscow, Idaho

Brink and Phinney Halls, built in the 1920's have approximately 715 window units. The existing single pane, double hung wood windows were part of the original structure. The job entailed the removal of the existing window units which had deteriorated over time and contained lead based paint and asbestos caulking. With the building fully occupied by university professors and staff, remediation of both asbestos and lead paint as well as removal and reinstallation of new windows, needed to take place. The new double glazed, energy efficient, wood aluminium clad windows were installed to replicate the windows removed. The project was completed on time during the summer semester.

8th Street Marketplace Remodel

Foothills Learning Center

Boise, Idaho

Honored with the Cooperative Conservation Award , presented by Secretary of the Interior Dirk Kempthorn, the Foothills Learning Center was designed to be an example of energy conservation and fire-safe design. This educational facility is the home for Idaho’s first commercial fuel cell. With a photovoltaic system, this donation by Idaho Power will provide not only enough electricity for the facility, but enough to surplus back into the power grid. This fuel cell will also work in tandem with a hydraulic heat pump system to supply the Environmental Center with mechanical heating and cooling. Other sustainable design features include a vaulted clerestory roof structure. This feature offers several benefits by not only utilizing natural diffused daylight but also offering passive solar gain and natural ventilation. A sustainable approach was also taken with the exterior of the building with a native, low maintenance, landscape plan.

Boise State University Projects

Boise, Idaho

Over the years we have completed several jobs for Boise State University.
BSU Fume Hood - Chemistry Department, which included the demolition and upgrades of existing millwork & mechanical systems. It also incorporated the setting of a 17 exhaust fume hoods all connected to a central exhaust system located on the roof.
BSU Greenhouse, which is a state of the art 2,079-sf greenhouse with four independently automated controlled climate growing areas, a head house, and the building is all aluminum with dual glazed glass.
BSU Labs - Physics & Biology, which consisted of the complete demolition and renovation of an existing 1,330-sf lab facility. Upgrade of exiting physics and biology laboratories, which included fume hoods and case work.
BSU Liberal Arts project was the complete demolition and remodel of lecture hall Room 106. It included theater classroom seating and high end computer controlled lighting.



Boise State Labs

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