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Historical Renovations

Capitol Annex/Swing Space Remodel

Boise, Idaho

Once a vacant building, the old Ada County Courthouse was upgraded, renovated, and historically restored. It would be used by Idaho’s legislative branch during the two years the Capital building was under renovation. The project included remodeling existing office spaces, as well as renovating the main hallways and existing courtrooms. With 18-ft vaulted ceilings and clerestory windows, these courtrooms were brought back to their original architectural character for use by the House and Senate Chambers.



8th Street Marketplace Remodel

Boise, Idaho

8th Street Marketplace included the remodel of two existing commercial retail buildings located in Boise’s BoDo District: the Mercantile Building, an 86,435-sf building, and the Northrup Building, a 49,200-sf building located across the street. Some of the work involved a complete upgrade of the atrium core of the buildings. This included replacing flooring and polishing existing concrete, replacing railings, and upgrading existing suites with new entries, storefront, and sign décor. Major improvements were also made to the smoke management system for the building. Modifications and upgrades were made to the fire sprinkler system, alarm system, and restrooms to ensure that they were up to code. Work on the exterior of the building included installing masonry details, accessible ramps with brick caps, and adding handrails. Throughout both the interior and exterior of the building, considerations were made to uphold the historical character of the structure. Operations and use of the facilities during the remodel was continuous. With careful phasing and scheduling, there was very minimal interruption to existing tenants.



Alexander House Remodel

Boise, Idaho

After many years of misuse and remodels, the Alexander House was completely upgraded and restored. Named after its primary owner, Idaho Governor Alexander, the house was refurbished and brought back to its original Architectural beauty. In addition to this, the building was completely upgraded with electrical, data, and mechanical systems. Increased accessibility to the house was also added with a ramp and other ADA considerations throughout. This historical renovation took the Alexander House back to its original splendor while giving it modern amenities.

Brink/Phinney Hall Window Replacement - University of Idaho

Moscow, Idaho

Brink and Phinney Halls, which were originally constructed in the 1920 and 1930’s, has approximately 715 window units. The existing single pane, double hung wood windows were from the original installation. The job entailed removal of the existing outside large historical cove trim and sash molding, and upper and lower sash which needed to be abated due to the high lead content that was applied over the years.The cove molding also was originally caulked in with an asbestos containing caulk which required abatement. With the building fully occupied by university professors and staff, remediation of both asbestos and lead paint removal as well as removal and reinstallation of new windows, needed to take place. The new double glazed, energy efficient, wood windows were installed to replicate the windows removed. Windows were all replaced in both buildings beginning on May 16th with substantial completion on July 26th. The project was completed two weeks ahead of time with complete satisfaction of both occupants and owner.

Brink/Phinney Hall Window Replacement

Langroise House Remodel

Boise, Idaho

Owned by Boise State University, The Langroise House went through a complete historical restoration. The existing structure was brought up to code with electrical, mechanical, phone and data systems. The first floor was remodeled with original historical elements to be used as an entertainment venue for the University. The second floor was also renovated to be used as a permanent residence for the University’s president. With historical architecture in mind, this structure was made functional while still showcasing to its original character.

Warden's House Renovation

Boise, Idaho

Built in the 1920’s, its original purpose was to house the prison’s warden. However, the structure would later be used to keep inmates before being abandoned for over twenty years. This left the structure in major disrepair. Restoration of the Warden’s House included removing the previous remodels and bringing the structure back to its original design with appropriate time period architectural elements and details. In addition to this, the house was brought up to code with electrical, plumbing, phone and data systems.

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