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Public Works Projects

Kootenai County Department of Labor

Post Falls, Idaho

This 18,000-sf project began initial designs for the 2.5 acre bare ground site in November of 2009. Key elements incorporated into the facility included a Northwestern regional feel, large open and inviting work areas, great natural and electric lighting, and sound dampening acoustics. Another important feature was a raised computer flooring. This would allow for future flexibility and adaptability for the facility to change program layout, as well as a location for phone, data, and power outlets. The facility also called for conference rooms that could be multifunctional and used by community members afterhours of the Department of Labor. Unique site improvements called for the availability of overflow parking during the occurrence of special events. With construction underway, the owner decided to incorporate a large data room. This included a computer racking system with four in rack cooling units supported by four 8-ton condensers. It also held a UPS system supported by a 230 kw generator and an FM200 fire suppression system. Even with the addition construction was completed on time. The Department of Labor moved into their new facility during the last weekend of October 2011.

City Centre Garage - Stairwell Replacement

Boise, Idaho

This project involves the removal of the existing steel stair systems on the northeast and northwest stair towers of the City Centre Parking Garage. Existing stairs are being replaced with a precast stringers and intermediate landing systems. It includes selective demolition and replacement of the slab edge at each of the existing main landings. All existing slab edge channel and guardrails were removed and replaced. The contract encompasses a Construction and Waste Management & Disposal performance requirement to achieve “end of project rates for salvage/recycling of 75 percent by weight of total non-hazardous solid waste material”.

Renovate Infrastructure Capitol Annex Building

Boise, Idaho

Project encompass the protection of the existing marble corridors, historical murals and the House and Senate chambers use during the restoration of the State Capitol. Existing basement was gutted of most none-bearing walls as well as all original electrical, plumbing and coal and gas fired boilers, and mechanical infrastructure that was installed when the building was constructed in the 1930’s. Existing basement was excavated and expanded with utility chases constructed with CMU retaining wall and concrete ceilings. Existing office and restroom areas of the first, second, third and fourth floors were gutted back to original shell and core of the structure with the removal of plastered ceilings and interior walls as well as all mechanical, electrical and plumbing new core utilities ( water electrical and sewer services) were also install as part of basement upgrades. Seismic upgrades to both the first and second floors were incorporated as part of the project as well as selected replacement and coating of designated roof areas.

The 9' x 8' structure extends geothermal and chilled waterloop to the building for future mechanical upgrades.



Capitol Annex/Swing Space Remodel

Boise, Idaho

Once a vacant building, the old Ada County Courthouse was upgraded, renovated, and historically restored. It would be used by Idaho’s legislative branch during the two years the Capital building was under construction. The project included remodeling existing office spaces, as well as renovating the main hallways and existing courtrooms. With 18-ft vaulted ceilings and clerestory windows, these courtrooms were brought back to their original architectural character for use by the House and Senate Chambers.

2012 City of Boise Streetscape Project

Boise, Idaho

The 2012 City of Boise Streetscape Project consisted of upgrading 14 downtown city blocks. Improvements included sidewalk demo and replacement, removal and replacement of paving and curb work, street lighting, below grade vault reinforcement, brick pavers, landscape, irrigation, trees and grates.

Idaho State Veterans Cemetery

Boise, Idaho

Phase I of the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery provided rough grading and infrastructure improvements including 250,000 cubic yards of dirt that was moved to contour hillside terrain. A 325' long x 32' high mechanically stabilized earth retaining wall was cut into a steep mountainside creating the flag assembly area. This area features an 80' flagpole visible throughout the Treasure Valley. Access to the flag assembly area was provided by the construction of a new roadway. In addition, 2,200 double burial concrete crypts were pre-placed and backfilled with topsoil. The disturbed 80-acre area was hydro seeded with natural native grasses.
Phase II of the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery consisted of placing gravel and asphalt on hillside roadway, storm drain system, concrete valley gutter and catch basin. MSE retaining wall was encased in shotcrete. The shotcrete was carved and then stained to appear as natural limestone.
Phase III of the Idaho State Veterans Cemetery consisted of the construction of the following buildings: administration, wash bay, maintenance shop, committal shelter and columbarium/restroom plaza. Two thousand columbarium niches were installed with granite cover faces and architectural precast concrete caps. A complete landscape/irrigation system was installed along with the construction of a geomembrane-lined reservoir and two pump stations. This work included 500,000 sq. ft. of sod, 800 tons of rock landscape boulders, 200 tons of cut sandstone for retaining walls and 50 tons of cut sandstone incorporated for masonry veneer on buildings, entrance walls, and columbarium plaza. New entry road, water main, fire hydrant, sewer line and pump station was installed from entry point at old Highway 55. 5,400 l/f of concrete curb and gutter along with 1,500 l/f of ribbon curb was installed in conjunction with 178,500 sf of paving. Cast bronze monuments representing all divisions of armed services were mounted on granite boulders located in the flag assembly area. 59 removable flagpoles were installed along the entry way and outlining the MIA flag and fountain island. A computerized gravesite information kiosk was installed for visitor assistance.



36th Street Pedestrian Bridge

Garden City & Boise, Idaho

This 205 feet single span pedestrian bridge provides a link between Boise and Garden City. The bridge is composed of five individual sections that were fabricated in Montana. The sections were then bolted together on site. Using two cranes, the bridge was flown into place as one piece. An articulating revetment mattress and riprap protect the abutments while still allowing access to the Boise River for fishing and kayaking.



Valley Regional Transit Downtown Bus Shelters

Boise, Idaho

Furnish and install six custom fabricated steel shelters with laminated glazing on the walls and roof, located throughout downtown Boise. Fabrication of 13 custom designed benches for new and existing shelters. Related improved site work at each location including: Demolition of existing sidewalks and infrastructure, new concrete caisson foundations, new sidewalks, curb and gutter, associated landscaping, and new concrete sidewalk "Bulb Out" on the corner of State Street and 11th with associated storm water piping and structures

Idaho Commission for the Blind & Visually Impaired

Boise, Idaho

Located in a historic 1920’s five-story brick building, The Idaho Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired project involved both renovation and restoration work. Existing elements were removed allowing for upgraded electrical, fire alarm, and mechanical systems. A new boiler system was installed in the basement as well as an exterior chiller. The restrooms throughout the facility were also renovated, upgraded and brought up to code. Finishes and fixtures throughout the structure were taken back to the original architectural character as well. By keeping certain historical aspects of the original building, The Idaho Commission for the Blind has a truly unique character.

Prison Industries Conversion

Boise, Idaho

The CCA Idaho Correctional Center P.I. project involved converting an existing 45,000-sf industrial correctional building into a 300 bed medium security prison facility. The project included adding day rooms, shower and bath facilities, sleeping areas, a new commercial kitchen and dining area, and a laundry facility. Rehabilitation and education classrooms were also added with supporting medical exam training rooms and staff offices. The project also included an exterior exercise track, basketball court, and freezer facility.

Star Fire Station #2

Star, Idaho

This new construction 8,700-sf fire station includes living accommodations for up to six full-time firemen. Spaces include: dorm rooms, shower and bath facilities, a laundry room, a full kitchen and dining area, living room, patio, and a recreational area. The equipment and apparatus bay area includes room for four large fire trucks, bay laundry, toilet and shower facilities, and several storage rooms. Additional features include large ceiling fans for air and heat circulation, suspended gas fire heaters, and trench drain floors. The sophisticated design of this fire station creates functional place for firemen to live and work.

Boise Airport Fire Station #7

Boise, Idaho

This project involved converting an existing metal building into a state-of-the-art fire station for the Boise Airport and its surrounding area. Work included adding an office, exercise room, kitchen, and sleeping dormitories as well as six service bays.

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