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Urban Construction

8th St. Streetscapes

Boise, Idaho

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Westside Streetscapes

Boise, Idaho

This project was on the leading edge of Streetscapes product development, being the first installation of Silva Cell 2 in the world! Numerous Silva Cell installations throughout the project created a suspended pavement system and greatly improved this part of downtown.

2015 Streetscapes Projects -

Boise, Idaho

This 5 block streetscapes project was located in "Old Boise", in front of some of downtown's oldest historical buildings. With installations in front of active businesses extensive planning, collaboration, and a phasing plan minimize the impact to surrounding businesses and maximized positive feedback. Storm water management system was added to the building faces without basements. Extensive curb and gutter replacement and new concrete drive approaches were placed with new brick paver sidewalks. Siva Cell systems were installed to promote the longevity of healthier tree growth.

Boise City Hall Streetscapes

Boise, Idaho

As part of the larger City Hall Improvements, Guho Corp performed the Streetscapes portion of the project, replacing the sidewalk around the eastern half of City Hall. Silva Cells were installed along Idaho Street and Main Street. By working with the design team and DeepRoot a redesign of the original layout was completed during construction to maximize the layout and function, with the addition of storm water management required by ACHD. Extensive water proofing was complete along the south side of the project, protecting the underground parking from water damage.

Renovate Infrastructure Capitol Annex Building

Boise, Idaho

Project encompassed the protection of the existing marble corridors, historical murals and the House and Senate chambers use during the restoration of the State Capitol. Existing basement was gutted of most none-bearing walls as well as all original electrical, plumbing and coal and gas fired boilers, and mechanical infrastructure that was installed when the building was constructed in the 1930’s. Existing basement was excavated and expanded with utility chases constructed with CMU retaining wall and concrete ceilings. Existing office and restroom areas of the first, second, third and fourth floors were gutted back to original shell and core of the structure with the removal of plastered ceilings and interior walls as well as all mechanical, electrical and plumbing new core utilities (water electrical and sewer services) were also install as part of basement upgrades. Seismic upgrades to both the first and second floors were incorporated as part of the project as well as selected replacement and coating of designated roof areas.

The 9' x 8' structure extends geothermal and chilled waterloop to the building for future mechanical upgrades.



2012 Streetscapes Projects

Boise, Idaho

The 2012 Streetscapes project included the replacement of 14 city block faces downtown Boise with new sidewalks, landscape, brick pavers, and streetlights. Elaborate structural upgrades to vaults under the sidewalk allow for new sidewalks to be placed on top. All work had to be completed with consideration to traffic and tenants.

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